Terms – Conditions

Please read the following terms of service carefully, and confirm that you have understood them. If there is any problem regarding the rights and benefits of the above terms, consult us for help.

1. Definition

These terms are suitable for customers connecting and participating in the game internet site through our website. These rules must be read in conjunction with the respective regulations of each game software used by the connecting person when accessing the game site and the corresponding other provisions in such terms.

[Connected Device] means any type of connected device, including but not limited to the use of the connected game network, the participation in the gaming network for use with laptops, mobile phones, etc. mobile phones, personal digital devices, PDAs, and other portable devices.

[Game Software] herein means software that has been approved by the supervisory authority, installed on connected devices from the customer’s computer programming, document data, or other information. (including customer-related information), for customers to use, connect to, and participate in game services offered on the internet.

2. Agreement

The registration process means that the customer has clearly agreed and confirmed. The User has read, fully understands, and agrees to these terms. These provisions constitute a legally binding agreement on the customer’s use of game services between the Website and the customer (the User Agreement). If the user does not agree with any of the terms of this policy, please do not register and do not try or continue to use any game, or download and/or install our game software.

3. Editing

The website reserves the absolute right to edit as necessary, update and adjust the terms, as well as the rules in the game (or any part). The foregoing corrections, updates, or adjustments will be published on our website. The revised or revised terms and conditions will be effective as soon as they are published on the website. Later, when customers continue to use game services through the entertainment website by mobile devices, connect and participate in entertainment services, it is considered that they have agreed to and accepted the announcement of revised, updated regulations and terms. 

The customer acknowledges and agrees to be solely responsible for reading, adjusting, updating, and/or modifying the above. The website may, at its sole discretion, notify such adjustment, update, and/or correction to the customer, but the website is under no obligation to notify such adjustment, update, and/or modification to the customer.

4. Game information and Product intellectual property rights

Through entertainment websites, game offerings, game devices, and/or any other form of public disclosure to customers to obtain, generate and/or collect information, documents, and data numbers, including but not limited to business plans and materials, achievements, statistics, sports game figures, sports schedules, scores, and game figures, text, graphics, image information (Game Information) are owned by the website and its owners. Client’s personal use for non-commercial purposes. In addition to the work in these terms, without the written consent of us or the owner of the material, customers may not use any form or tricks to modify, copy, store, distribute, advertise, publicly broadcast, transmit to cable repertoire, publish, send, buy, sell, lend, rent, or otherwise use the foregoing game information. Customers also may not use any other form or other person’s website, service website, advertising site, mass media, and/or connected device to obtain, use, or connect the above game information. In the game website and/or through the connected device that provides entertainment software, entertainment services, and game information, there are rights to copyright, trademark, and other forms of intellectual property and other copyright protection.

The ownership of the game software, the services on the entertainment website, the games served and the entertainment information, the product rights and interests, all belong to the website and its owners use or control it. The customer confirms that he has never used or connected through the website and/or the connected device to get the game software of the website, serve the game, and game information about any rights, interests, or possession.

5. Conditions of Use

Payment methods when downloading games, and registering for services:

– When you click the download game, subscribing to any service you like means you have agreed to our terms and conditions.

– To download the game to your computer, you have to pay a fee downloading and registering to use the service by paying fee of 6 to 8 EGP, depending on each game and service through the form of sending a message to a paid number. . This will be done every time you activate the application to avoid the case that our game or service is downloaded and used on another device.

– To maintain the promotion of the game and the effort to build the system, and maintain the game and service for players, we have to collect user fees. When the user downloads the game, subscribes to the service, and agrees to our terms and conditions.

– If you have any questions about playing the game or using the service, please go to the contact section and call the support phone number. We will support our customers as enthusiastically as possible.

– Rates have been specifically notified, so any dispute about the price is not accepted by us and we do not bear any legal responsibility.

– If the player does not agree to pay the fee, please do not click to download the game, register for the service or delete the game, cancel the service if the game has been installed, or register the service on the machine according to the instructions here.

– The games and services you play are both online and offline. The payment of the fee is completely decided by the player.

– If you want to level up or buy more weapons or items, you must top up your card or send an SMS. Prices and messaging are up to the player. To qualify for the use of the game service, the customer warrants and undertakes that it is not used for illegal purposes, and does not violate the terms and/or terms prohibited by this regulation; for example, using or connecting to the game site, entertainment software, and game information for illegal purposes. In addition to the terms set forth in this provision and other warranties, the customer hereby represents and warrants that, in order to qualify for the use of the game service, the customer must use his/her own identity and own name to conduct the activity, not as a substitute for someone else’s; The user has the right to freedom to the extent permitted by law; The user has not been detected in a state of forced participation in the game; Customers must understand the loss and risk of money when using game service; The amount of money that the customer transfers into the account is not a source of illegal money or comes from other illegal sources, which are not authorized or have not been authorized to operate; The customer is not a criminal or doing other illegal activities, has not been authorized or has not yet operated and/or intends to take advantage of the service registration at the website to operate for the above purposes; Users must not take advantage of or let others take advantage of the game service or the account in the game server for use in all of our laws prohibiting or all acts. other illegal activities, including but not limited to money laundering; Users must keep their name, account, and password confidential, to prevent illegal use or connection. In the event that your name, account and password are exposed, you must change your password immediately or notify us; The customer using his/her name, account and password to connect through the game server website and/or the connecting device and using the game server service must be solely responsible for all activities, whether the foregoing connections and/or use are with the knowledge or authorization of the user; Do not use methods that interfere or may interfere with the use of the website serving games or connecting devices, entertainment software, and game information that interfere with other customers or the website itself; Do not perform acts aimed at reducing or possibly lowering the performance of the game website and game serving service; Do not collect or otherwise attempt to obtain information related to other customers’ data; Do not propagate or promote harmful viruses, connected devices that are damaged or affect connection performance and sequence, entertainment software, game servers and/or entertainment websites, documents or figures; The customer through the game website and/or connected device to connect or use the game service or game information to violate the applicable laws for the user, and also not violate the for individual users or equipment connecting the website currently used to perform contractual acts/agreements with any individual in the country, and is not bound by such agreements above; Do not use any other device, machine, software, sequence, or method (or all things related to the foregoing properties) to interfere or possibly interfere with entertainment services, connected devices, entertainment software, entertainment websites, game information and/or any transaction & normal operation of the connected device; Do not propagate or promote any content that is unlawful, disruptive, humiliating, threatening, contemptuous, disruptive, obscene, deceptive, insolent, discriminatory, or racial-sexual discriminatory, or profanity on the game site and/or connected device or any other customer, or may constitute or lead to illegality, civil liability or any other form of other violations of the legal content; The user must not be a manager, associate, employee, advisor, relationship or agent of the website or other related companies, or have a close relationship with the above subjects or have a relationship in the same house; Do not interfere when other customers use entertainment services, entertainment websites, entertainment software, connected devices and/or game information, or initiate and/or participate in investigations or disputes, correspondence, or the promotion/transmission of [spam] or unauthorized emails.

6. Membership and Registration to open an account on a game or service website.

When using the website to participate in entertainment and use entertainment services, users must follow the procedures stated on the game website to complete the application for membership and open an account (Registration for membership). The customer must commit and confirm, when the user applies to register and become a member, with all the information and documents provided including first and last name, financial resources available (including bank name and account number), and the address indicated on the membership application form is practical, accurate, and complete. The website will take appropriate and necessary measures to secure the documents and personal information provided by the customer. We will be strict in the security of the documents, information, and documents obtained from the customer unless required by law, regulation, court, supervisory authority, any entertainment-related regulator, law enforcement order, and decision or provision to be public. Customers are solely responsible for their own confidentiality. We reserve the right to pay the game service fee to us to the extent necessary after the game website provides the service with the financial authority regarding the user’s rights and interests when personal information and data are made public. The customer is also solely responsible for and confirms the use and connection of the game website and all other game information, and software downloaded, installed, and/or using and participating in the service. Game service is not legally binding to customers. To verify the user’s membership, we need the user to provide identification documents and the user’s age (For example, a photo ID card, or a loan or credit card), the user provides the original documents, if there are any changes, they must promptly notify us, to verify the user’s name and address, the website reserves the right to send by mail through the post office to verify the name and address of the user, the website decides on its own to verify the documents provided by the customer in another form that the user agrees to this regulation, which at the same time expressly agrees the website connects to, uses, processes and stores any identification documents or verification results. We reserve the absolute right to refuse the user to register for membership for any reason. We are responsible for the online website published by the website. When members login and connect to websites, such as the website resulting in other losses, we are not responsible. If you have any other questions, please contact our online customer service staff. If there has ever been a violation in our website or the suppliers we cooperate with/the terms in the website and the game rules, login will not be accepted. If any such account type is detected, we will lock the account and withdraw all winnings and balances. Customers can open an account at the website. If we discover that a user on the website does not open only one account, we reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to process all accounts in the website consolidated into a single account, even cancel or remove excess accounts, or terminate contracts/agreements with customers.

7. The right to use game software and services

The user hereby acknowledges and agrees that the user through the connected device to download, register for the service or obtain the game software and services on the game website for a remote part of the prize offering, is the property of the website and its owners; the user does not enjoy any benefits from these game software, the user must not use any form to modify, copy, recycle, store, distribute, advertise, publicly broadcast, transmit to the cable repertoire, publish, send, buy, sell, lend, rent, or otherwise use the foregoing game information. Users may not communicate in any other way or allow others to use game software or websites, internet services or advertisements, or any other mass media and/or connected devices. The fact that the website transmits game software and services through the connected device to the customer does not constitute a dedicated right and does not belong to the transfer of personal use rights, but the device uses the connection. For the installation of game software, it is necessary to take the user’s responsibility. The purpose of the website to authorize and promote the game software is so that the main users of the game software can fully connect and use the game service. The user may not:

i. Install or transmit game software or services to other network-connected devices or take other steps to make the game software available through advertising sites, network services or dial-in devices, or the internet for others to access.

ii. Distribute, lend, lease, license, copy, transfer, transmit, or otherwise for any other person to obtain the game software and/or use the right to use the game software.

iii. Let others use game software and services.

iv. Set up or provide in any way (including but not limited to fake browsers) for others to use game software and services.

v. Interpret, reverse engineer, decompile, decompile, modify, decompile, in whole or in part, game software, services, and/or take the original code base for research and distribution of the new product.

vi. Copy, edit, translate, or in whole or in part, user documents related to game software and services as a basis for researching and releasing new products. The user agrees and acknowledges that the game software, services provided on the game website and/or through a connected device or other means or information on the game software are under the rights of the user property of the website and its owners, and also patent, trademark, and other intellectual rights and are protected. The users here verify that the structure of the award software, the organization, and the original code are extremely valuable commercial secrets of the website and its owners. The user acknowledges that other than the authorization based on the right of use, the user does not enjoy any rights and benefits from the user’s game software and/or game software documentation. This Agreement is terminated for any reason, the authorized use rights are automatically canceled, and the user must stop using the game software and must delete the game software from the connected devices.

8. Regulations

Regulations suspending game service and/or freezing accounts, when the user takes corrective measures (if applicable), after the user approves the adjustment and we confirm absolutely the game server, and the user’s account will be reinstated and re-opened.